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Former international students share their thoughts

Students from Japan

"My name is Arisa Hirose. I’m a Japanese exchange student. I have been here for five months. I am enjoying living in Katikati because Katikati has a lot of nature, the people are kind and Katikati College is fun. I have another six months so I’ll try more things and I hope I will enjoy living here. I have made many new friends."

"Hi. My name is Kie Uno. I’m from Tokyo, Japan. I have been living in NZ for eight months. I have spent awesome days in Katikati with my mates. I have learned many things from my friends at Katikati College. This school is really fun and has improved my English skills and life in NZ. I’m grateful to the beautiful NZ environment, my host family, my Kiwi teachers and my Kiwi friends for their big hearts."

"Kia Ora! My name is Mayu Ushida and I come from Yamahashi in Japan. I have been studying at Katikati College for eight months and I like it here. I’m just so happy that I could come to Katikati College. The teachers are so helpful, students are very friendly and I have met very good host families. All my memories of NZ are really awesome! I became active after I came here. I play the flute and I belong to the music club at school and in town. It is a very good opportunity. I can’t speak fluent English yet, but I have lots of friends and I can communicate. Of course I miss Japan, my home town, my friends and family but I’m gonna thoroughly enjoy the next three months here at Katikati College."

"Hi! I'm Honami (not TSUNAMI!!! Haha!) I've been to New Zealand for 10 months. Katikati College is the best school for me! People are really friendly!!! They always welcome to us and they gave us a plenty of amazing experiences :) Don't be shy and why don't you join with us?? I'm sure that you can spend an awesome time here at this college! We are all friends ever!!"

Students from Hong Kong

"I am Jude Lo. I have been living in Katikati as an international student for 2 years. I am from Hong Kong and I am a 19-year-old student studying Year 13 and aiming for university in New Zealand next year. Katikati is a peaceful place to live in. There are many nice, friendly people around the town and I have made a lot of good friends here. They help me with my studying and they always help if I need it. People are friendly and talkative even though they do not know me. I am often approached by them just wanting to talk. I really enjoy this. Comparing with Hong Kong, people there are too busy and do not have time for others.

I love the open space and life style here because I can get out on the street with just one step – I do not need to travel down the lift with crowds of people. I have my bike ride everyday in fresh air. At weekends, I sometimes stay at friends’ houses for movie’s night and sometimes go out somewhere interesting and exciting with my host parents.

I have a warm cozy home in Katikati. My host parents Jeff and Trish are like my second parents and they treat me like their son. Trish makes me heaps of delicious food and snacks. Jeff is a funny person who likes reading. He gets tonnes of knowledge from books and I think he knows more about Asia than me. We have 3 cats. ‘My little friends’ are called Chucky, Simba and Momo and they always like to be in my room. Katikati is my second home. I have had a really good time at the college and getting close to the local culture that has made my life special and my time here memorable. I will miss it very much when I leave this lovely place."

Students from Thailand

Aye, Rathporn Sakoltas. Thailand
Kia ora, When I stay in New Zealand I'm very happy. I'm proud to introduce Thai culture to New Zealand. I met many new friend s in New Zealand. I was impressed with New Zealand very much because it's a very beautiful country and nice people. Here I had a good time and learnt many new things, such as the culture of Maori people. I have a friendly and lovely buddy. I love everybody in New Zealand such as my host family Morgan, Kieren or Linsey because they teach me everything and make me happy. I have a good experience and beautiful memories. I will keep my good memory forever and I hope to come back here again…………....... Good Bye…………
Thank you for everything I love you , my host family and NZ. From: Aye

Ing Ing, Sitanan Nuntamongol, Thailand
Sawasdeeka (Hello) NZ. I'm very glad and impressed to stay in NEW ZEALAND(Katikati). When I stayed in Katikati I had a good time. My host family is very kind and friendly. My buddy is very pretty too. I have a lot of good experiences . For example, I went to the Te Rereatukahia Marae for a traditional welcome and overnight stay. At the Marae I had fun and it was very happy. In 3 weeks I have many beautiful memories of NZ. I love NZ. And thank you for everything my host family. Thank you very much. I love NZ. Ing Ing

Students from Taiwan

Hi. My name is Aileen Chen. I am from Kaohsiung, Taiwan. I came to New Zealand in July 2009. It was a great pleasure to study in Katikati College. I was really excited about going to somewhere I had never heard before to start a new adventure. After I arrived in Katikati I was like…“WHAT IS THIS PLACE?” As I came from a city, I couldn’t believe the fact that I will be living in a small town for the next 18 months. But, hey look, I survived! After a while, I got used to things and with a little bit of help, everything just turned out to be alright. I met some wonderful people who would do everything they can to help and of course school teachers were always there when I needed them. I had the most amazing host family that anyone could ever wish for; they treated me so well and helped me out lots. Life in New Zealand was totally different; people at the age of 15 driving on the road, the way they love sports, school starts from 8:30-3:05 (so I only had five periods a day) and the relationship between teachers and students are different . These were just some of the experiences that surprised me during my visit. I would say that there’s only one down side during my visit, while your English is improving; your Chinese writing will umm… perhaps become not so good. (Forgive me if my translation is not so fluent.) New Zealand’s scenery is pretty and the beaches are superb. I learned a lot and everyday there would be would be something new happening and something cute will just totally made my day and put a smile on my face. I had an excellent time here and I am pretty sad that I am leaving. You may think what I wrote is not true but how I felt about my experience is beyond description. Come and experience it and you will know what I mean. Do some crazy things while you are still young and it will be an awesome experience that you will never forget in your whole life. If you have a chance to come, don’t hesitate. In the end, thank you to my parents and Mrs. Jack for giving me this opportunity. You guys are great.
你好。我的名字是Aileen陳。來自台灣的高雄市。2009年七月來到紐西蘭。能在Katikati中學讀書是一件很愉快的事情。 我非常期待要去一個沒聽過的新地方展開一場新的冒險。不過在我到達Katikati的時候我的反應整個就是“這是甚麼地方呀?” 因為來自一個城市,我曾經有一度沒辦法接受我接下來的18個月將要住在這個小鎮。但是,看看我,還不是活下來了!過一陣子當我習慣紐西蘭的步調加上一點點的幫忙,所有的事情都好轉了。我遇見了一些超級棒的人,他們會盡他們所能的幫你忙,當然,當我需要幫忙的時候學校老師都一直在那邊。我還有一個每個人都會想要的超級驚人寄宿家庭;他們整個對我超好而且幫我超多忙的。在紐西蘭的生活跟在台灣的生活是完全不一樣的;十五歲的小孩在路上開車、他們對運動的熱衷程度、學校從8:30上到3:05(所以一天只有五節)、老師學生之間的關係。這些還只是在我拜訪的這段期間令我驚訝的一小部分而已。我會說在我來紐西蘭這段期間只有一個不好,在你英文進步的同時,你的中文寫作…恩…或許會退步。(請原諒我如果我翻譯的很爛)紐西蘭的風景是漂亮的和海灘超級棒的。我在這段期間學了很多,每天都會有新的事情發生有很某些可愛的東西就是會充實了你的一天然後放一個微笑在你臉上。我有了一段超級棒的時間並且還蠻難過我即將要離開。你或許會覺得我上面寫的不是真的,但是我在紐西蘭來這段經驗是無法用言語形容的。來試試看,你就知道我的感受了。趁你年輕的時候做一些瘋狂的事情因為這將會是一個令你永遠忘不了的經驗。如果你有可以來個機會就不要猶豫了。最後,謝謝爸爸媽媽和Jill Tompsett我這個機會。你們超棒的!

Students from Germany

On the 31st July I arrived in New Zealand. We arrived at the school and our host families picked us up.
The first day in school was pretty awkward because we didn’t know anyone but people were talking to us straightaway which made it easier.
The first few days were the most exciting ones of them all because we learnt so much new stuff and got to know the school, the school uniform and lots of new people. Kiwis are pretty nice and friendly, so we didn’t have a problem getting to know any of them and making friends. Besides that we made friends from all over the world, which was really nice.
The teachers at Katikati College are pretty alright as well, actually they’re great. School is so much easier over here than in Germany, I love it!! So much that I extended my stay by 3 months. Kiwi kids just have six subjects in comparison to schools in Germany – we have 13!! I really like the lifestyle as well, everything is going so slow and nobody’s rushing, everyone’s relaxed. It makes me sad that I’ve only got 4 days left in this awesome country. I enjoyed my stay so much I don’t want to leave!!

Hello, I am Julius from Germany and stayed in New Zealand for 9 months. I was supposed to only stay for 6 months but I enjoyed New Zealand so much that I stayed longer. The life style and all the outdoor activities is what I enjoyed most. New Zealand is a place to experience things you couldn't really experience in other countries such as fishing and hunting trips.
I really enjoyed coming to Katikati College and staying with my host family. My host family was perfect for me because we shared very similar interests and they made all my dreams of New Zealand come true. There are a lot of very kind people in Katikati College that I came friends with. They were very open and welcomed me from the first day I got here.
It is sad for me to go home now but I will definitely come back to New Zealand.

Hallo, ich bin Julius aus Deutschland und habe 9 Monate in Neuseeland verbracht. Ich sollte eigentlich nur fuer 6 Monate bleiben aber es hat mir hier so doll gefallen. All die Aktivitaeten draussen haben mir am besten gefallen. Neuseeland ist ein tolles Land um neue Erfahrungen zu machen die man sonst nicht so leicht in anderen Laendern machen koennte wie zum beispiel Angeln und Jagen.
Ich habe es sehr genossen zum Katikati College zu kommen und mit meiner Gastfamilie zu leben. Meine Gastfamilie war perfekt fuer mich weil wir sehr aehnliche Interessen haben und sie mir alle Traeume von Neuseeland wahr machten.
Es gibt sehr viele nette Leute im Katikati College mit denen ich mich befreundet habe. Alle waren total offen und haben mich vom ersten Tag an willkommen geheissen. Fuer mich ist der Abschied ziehmlich traurig aber ich werde auf jeden fall wieder nach Neuseeland kommen.

Students from Norway

Heey!! I’m Ingrid and I go to Katikati College, today its only 5 days left of my year here WOW, it all went SO fast! I can remember when I first came here in July and was so nervous to go to school, wondering if I was gonna have anyone to talk to. But everyone at Katikati college was so nice and so interested in where we were from, what countries and what language we speak ”CAN YOU SPEAK SOME NORWEGIAN?!” everyone was asking, haha. This year has definitely been the best year of my life. I’m so glad I chose to on exchange. It’s true what they say, it’s a life in a year. I’ve had so much fun and met so many people that I’ll never forget. Thank you so much to everyone that has been so nice and welcomed me in to your lives, you’ve been so nice and friendly and I really don’t wanna leave you guys. I’ve also been to so many nice places here in New Zeeland, but Waihi beach and Raglan is my absolute favourite. I’m so happy to call Waihi beach my second home now, thanks to my lovely host family! It’s so weird to think that I’m going back to my life in Norway now, but I’ll be back as soon as possible!!

Hei! Jeg heter Ingrid og går på Katikati college, jeg har nå vært her I 1 år og det har gått så sinnsykt fort, helt sykt å tenke på at jeg skal hjem om 6 dager.. Året mitt har helt klart vært det beste året I livet mitt, alle menneskene jeg har møtt og min fantastiske vertsfamilie har gjort livet mitt her så bra. Jeg angrer ikke et sekund på at jeg dro på utveksling, det er faktisk den beste besluttelsen jeg har tatt. Waihi beach er mitt andre hjem nå og jeg vet at jeg skal tilbake hit så fort som mulig!!

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