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Hi. My name is Aileen Chen. I am from Kaohsiung, Taiwan. I came to New Zealand in July 2009. It was a great pleasure to study in Katikati College. I was really excited about going to somewhere I had never heard before to start a new adventure. After I arrived in Katikati I was like…“WHAT IS THIS PLACE?” As I came from a city, I couldn’t believe the fact that I will be living in a small town for the next 18 months. But, hey look, I survived! After a while, I got used to things and with a little bit of help, everything just turned out to be alright. I met some wonderful people who would do everything they can to help and of course school teachers were always there when I needed them. I had the most amazing host family that anyone could ever wish for; they treated me so well and helped me out lots. Life in New Zealand was totally different; people at the age of 15 driving on the road, the way they love sports, school starts from 8:30-3:05 (so I only had five periods a day) and the relationship between teachers and students are different . These were just some of the experiences that surprised me during my visit. I would say that there’s only one down side during my visit, while your English is improving; your Chinese writing will umm… perhaps become not so good. (Forgive me if my translation is not so fluent.) New Zealand’s scenery is pretty and the beaches are superb. I learned a lot and everyday there would be would be something new happening and something cute will just totally made my day and put a smile on my face. I had an excellent time here and I am pretty sad that I am leaving. You may think what I wrote is not true but how I felt about my experience is beyond description. Come and experience it and you will know what I mean. Do some crazy things while you are still young and it will be an awesome experience that you will never forget in your whole life. If you have a chance to come, don’t hesitate. In the end, thank you to my parents and Mrs. Jack for giving me this opportunity. You guys are great.
你好。我的名字是Aileen陳。來自台灣的高雄市。2009年七月來到紐西蘭。能在Katikati中學讀書是一件很愉快的事情。 我非常期待要去一個沒聽過的新地方展開一場新的冒險。不過在我到達Katikati的時候我的反應整個就是“這是甚麼地方呀?” 因為來自一個城市,我曾經有一度沒辦法接受我接下來的18個月將要住在這個小鎮。但是,看看我,還不是活下來了!過一陣子當我習慣紐西蘭的步調加上一點點的幫忙,所有的事情都好轉了。我遇見了一些超級棒的人,他們會盡他們所能的幫你忙,當然,當我需要幫忙的時候學校老師都一直在那邊。我還有一個每個人都會想要的超級驚人寄宿家庭;他們整個對我超好而且幫我超多忙的。在紐西蘭的生活跟在台灣的生活是完全不一樣的;十五歲的小孩在路上開車、他們對運動的熱衷程度、學校從8:30上到3:05(所以一天只有五節)、老師學生之間的關係。這些還只是在我拜訪的這段期間令我驚訝的一小部分而已。我會說在我來紐西蘭這段期間只有一個不好,在你英文進步的同時,你的中文寫作…恩…或許會退步。(請原諒我如果我翻譯的很爛)紐西蘭的風景是漂亮的和海灘超級棒的。我在這段期間學了很多,每天都會有新的事情發生有很某些可愛的東西就是會充實了你的一天然後放一個微笑在你臉上。我有了一段超級棒的時間並且還蠻難過我即將要離開。你或許會覺得我上面寫的不是真的,但是我在紐西蘭來這段經驗是無法用言語形容的。來試試看,你就知道我的感受了。趁你年輕的時候做一些瘋狂的事情因為這將會是一個令你永遠忘不了的經驗。如果你有可以來個機會就不要猶豫了。最後,謝謝爸爸媽媽和Jill Tompsett我這個機會。你們超棒的!

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